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Owner of the two companies Euroledlighting Sp zoo and Rodos has started his business activity in 1989.
6 years ago both companies started innovative project based on the newest technologies – production and distribution LED light sources as well as installations powered by alternative wind and solar energy. Euroledlighting sp zoo has already finished construction of the most advanced factory of semiconductor light sources and their intelligent control systems as well as light sources powered by alternative wind and solar energy. There will be located one of the most modern high-tech light test and research laboratory in Europe.

Our main production lot are professional internal lighting systems based on LED line tubes as equivalents for traditional fluorescent tubes the most commonly used for indoor lighting systems – stores, office rooms, schools, hospitals, production facilities. The whole family of our products consists of hundreds LED equivalents of traditional fluorescent lamps – ex. T5, T8,T10 and other solution as LED line tubes with wide beam angle, double sided, with high CRI factor, special for meat, diary, fruits and vegetables, fish, bread, alcohol, aquarium, growing of different plant species, medical including operating theatre. Our components are only the most efficient light emitting diodes (100lm/W) purchased from world leading LED manufacturers. We also provide to the market indoor integrated luminaires as: integrated LED lines (including 3-phase LED light lines), LED downlights, LED track lights, LED shelf lighting, LED highbays), LED ceiling lights, LED panel lights, LED flood lights, flexible LED stripes and alu bars, LED bulbs, other luminaires compatible to LED light sources, LED emergency and evacuation light sources. Another important point is the fact that our products are designed in such a way that the final customer during after-warranty period will be able to repair our product and fully profit long LED lifespan of up to 70 000h. Every item going out of our factory is individually serial numbered in order to provide exactly the same product if needed.
The next product family is LED external lighting systems – street and industrial lamps. We are also professionals in designing and mounting of LED street and industrial lighting systems powered by alternative wind and solar energy.

The following  very important sub-assemblies, which create the highest quality level of our final products, projected and manufactured by Euroledlighting is power supply and control system ( Lumenous efficiency, including dependent of daylight, motion sensors, presence sensors, dimming) as well as communication
( WiFi, GPS). We also propose own-designed aluminium body with highest factor of picking the temperature up and policarbonate lampshades (lenses) with good light permeability. Thanks for cooperation with the world leading manufacturer of designing and construction of semiconductor cooling systems (mainly microprocessors and server systems) as well as manufacturers of LED diodes we were able to develop and implement very efficient and powerful light luminaires – including LED highbays  with power over 500W and lumenous flux 60 000lm.

Such a wide assortment is a solid base to arrange every, even not typical or demanding investment. We do prefer customized approach by designing and proposing to our customers the ideal solutions. Our machinery park consists of 3 JUKI machines with total productivity of over 140 000 elements per hour and experienced team allows to ensure a very short lead-time from 1 to dozen or so working days depending of advanced level of the order. Every investor will be granted several years full warranty service, after-warranty service and access to every spare part in next several years after having delivered our product.

Nowadays, Euroledlighting becomes one of the most recognizable brand in the field of high-tech semiconductor LED lighting, our production had been delivered or we had provided installation service for hundreds customers including one of the bigger company in Europe. Additionally, Euroledlighting possesses its own consulting office and design studio, several assemble teams of electricians.


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