Euroledlighting have been manufacturing original, technologically advanced LED lighting solutions for over 15 years. The company has its facility located in SSE, Redzikowo, Poland. Euroledlighting’s modern factory consists of: technological laboratories, research laboratories, an R&D department, a projects department, automated pick & place assembly lines and a metalworking center.

Euroledlighting is also designing individually tailored solutions in both OEM and ODM models. The company is manufacturing a wide range of LED luminaires required for complete illumination of any project, no matter the size, complexity or industry. Apart of high quality, competitive prices and quick delivery, our greatest advantage is flexibility in the adjustment of individual parameters accordingly. We are working together with majority of leading LED component manufacturers.



Euroledlighting has over 15 years of experience in the design and production of professional LED lighting systems and was the first domestic production plant to use LEDs in series production of lighting fixtures in Poland. Today, the company is one of the leaders in the domestic market in the field of professional lighting installations. Every year, we provide lighting installations for facilities with a total area of about 2 million / m2, and the Euroledlighting offer is No. 1 in the field of professional linear lighting systems.



All products offered by Euroledlighting are made using components either manufactured on site or delivered by leading LED brands worldwide. This includes: drivers, LED diodes or control units (DALI).