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Euroledlighting Sp. J. since 2007 (the first Polish manufacturer of lighting in LED technology) has been designing and producing professional lighting fixtures and systems for every type of facility and every industry. The company’s specialty is the production of advanced, linear fixtures and lighting systems. For several years, the company has been one of the leaders in the supply of lighting systems for the construction of the largest industrial facilities. Every month we deliver products to illuminate an area exceeding 100,000 m2. The company is an approved and preferred supplier for construction specifications, including: the largest logistics developers, such as: Panattoni, Hillwood, CTP, 7R, etc. Several years of experience, research and development work and the scale of production have allowed us to develop products of the highest class and parameters, including many unique features that exceed most competitive solutions. Independently carried out assembly works on construction sites for many years, as well as constant conversations and consultations with electrical installation companies, allowed us to obtain knowledge that cannot be „purchased”, and which enabled us to develop the most universal and fastest-installed linear lighting system. Our system also includes many unique solutions supporting and accelerating the construction of electrical networks. Assembly issues, apart from parameters and quality, constitute the basis for the design and implementation of new products and solutions. The scale and automation of production, the size of the warehouse and the fact that most of the components are manufactured in-house allow us to provide a very good offer and extremely short delivery times. All this allows the company to use the slogan „Offer No. 1 in linear lighting”.


The Euroledlighting factory is located in Poland in the Słupsk Economic Zone. Some of the departments of the modern factory are: research and measurement laboratory, R&D, projects, SMT surface assembly departments with several automated „pick &  place” mechanical processing, production of plastic elements including optical systems (lenses), production of cable harnesses and assembly lines. In the near future, the factory will be expanded and its area will more than double. In the expanded plant, further new production departments will be implemented, and many processes will be automated and robotic.

Euroledlighting also involves the production of luminaires or their components in the OEM/ODM system. The company produces luminaires in a full range necessary for comprehensive lighting of investments, both for simple and advanced, demanding facilities in every industry. Our greatest advantage, apart from high-quality products, optimal prices and short order fulfillment times, is very high flexibility in terms of all parameters of the manufactured luminaires. We approach each project individually, optimizing installations to meet the needs of a specific client or facility. We cooperate with most of the best manufacturers of components in LED systems.

Euroledlighting is also designing individually tailored solutions in both OEM and ODM models. The company is manufacturing a wide range of LED luminaires required for complete illumination of any project, no matter the size, complexity or industry. Apart of high quality, competitive prices and quick delivery, our greatest advantage is flexibility in the adjustment of individual parameters accordingly. We are working together with majority of leading LED component manufacturers.




Euroledlighting has many years of experience in the design and production of professional LED lighting systems and was the first domestic production plant to use LEDs in the serial production of luminaries. Today, the company is one of the leaders in the domestic market in the supply of professional lighting installations. Every year, we provide lighting installations for facilities with a total area of well over 1 million/m2, and Euroledlighting’s offer is No. 1 in the field of professional linear lighting systems.



The basis for the design, construction and production of Euroledlighting fixtures and lighting systems is always the pursuit of the highest quality, parameters, durability and functionality of the products. Today, the cost of assembly and service work is very high, so the quality and durability of lighting products is extremely important. The ever-increasing cost of electricity also forces our company to develop products with the best performance and light efficiency parameters at a given time. Experience in design and participation in investments allowed the development of many design solutions and system parameters, in which the basic parameter dictating the future costs of facility operation, the W/m2 system index, is one of the highest on the market. One of the most important features that distinguishes our luminaires and linear systems, and influences the quality, durability and parameters of the installation, is the fact that we are one of the few companies to base 100% of our luminaire production on aluminum. In addition, all lighting products manufactured by Euroledlighting are made of components produced by our own companies or only the best global brands. This mainly applies to electronic components, including drivers and LEDs, control elements, e.g. DALI. The elements used are always of the highest technical parameters.

Today, over 90% of production is covered by the highest industry certification, ENEC, and the entire company is covered by the ISO 9001 TUV Rheinland Management System certificate.